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Hey Zauri Cover 1500.jpg

Vaqo - Hey Zauri (Single)

September 17 - 2021

"Hey Zauri" is a psychedelic rock song mixed with Georgian folklore, which was recorded live, and later blended with additional instruments such as vocals, bass guitar, solo guitar parties recorded in the studio. The text tells the story of Georgia's past history, of a fictional hero, Lord Zauri, who reports the location of the army in favor of the enemy, taking refuge near the village of Kiketi, where a senior officer of the army, Lord Wassmer, By order of Alexander I to Bezhan Dadiani Lord of Kiketi demanded to hand over the location of Lord Zauri, otherwise threatening to arrest and prosecute him. The song uses the old German guitar Eterna De-luxe 25 from 1975, with Fuzz and Overdrive effects. Rhodes Piano, as well as the vocal polyphony characteristic of Georgian folklore, mixed with blues sounding riffs and country-rock elements.

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