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Şevket Akıncı - Dört Kanatlı Kuş (Single)

November 5 - 2021

Dört Kanatlı Kuş (Bird With Four Wings- the title of a poem by Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca) might be seen as the continuation of the work composer and guitarist Şevket Akıncı started with his modern chamber music album Escher Chronicles where polymetric rhythms interwine with counterpoint. İn an uninterrupted flow, where musical ideas   

”melt” into each other. 


Co-produced with long time associate Mehmet Korkmaz, we find Cem Aksel on drums, Ezgi Daloğlu on flute, Özgün Tuncer on tenor saxophone and Bîdar on vocals to create an instrumentation to produce a more rockish version of Escher Chronicles. Released by Tarla Records, the cover design made by Güneş Akyürek reflects and counteracts with the minimalist influences of the piece.

Composer: Şevket Akıncı

12 String Acoustic Guitar: Şevket Akıncı

Drums: Cem Aksel

Tenor Sax: Özgün Tuncer

Flute: Ezgi Daloğlu

Vocals: Bidar Kalender

Sampling & Sound Design: Mehmet Korkmaz

Produced by Şevket Akıncı & Mehmet Korkmaz

Mix: Mehmet Korkmaz

Mastering: Cansun Küçüktürk

Cover Art: Güneş Akyürek

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