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Güneş Kardeş - Kayboldum (Single)
March 21 - 2021

Debut single from Güneş Kardeş

Güneş Kardeş is the solo project of the psychedelic rock band PONZA’s main songwriter and frontman Güneş Akyürek. Güneş studied Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design at Sabancı University and worked on motion graphics and digital video field while recording his music. After graduation he shot independent music videos and got into different circles at the Istanbul music scene. After recording his demos he formed PONZA with Salih Topuz and  released Free Kids EP (2015) , Another Land LP (2019) and a number of other singles. In 2018 he founded Tarla Records to gain total independence in his musical works.

The first single of Güneş Kardeş,  Kayboldum (I got lost) is based on a grungy, bending bass melody. The electro guitar tune building on the bass has an oriental feeling in which the notes are stepping up and down to enhance the confused feeling. The lyrics have the themes of fear and existence. Fear can create a blockage to take action. This fear can be the result of an idea or a person. The solo part is like a nervous breakdown which leads to freedom. 



Written and Composed by: Güneş Kardeş
Produced by: Güneş Akyürek
Recording Engineer: Güneş Akyürek
Mix: Ozan Çanak
Mastering: Görkem Karabudak
Cover Art: Güneş Akyürek

Recording Musicians:

Güneş Kardeş: Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Synth
Uygar Çetiner: Drums

Recorded at  Tarla Records & Merdivenaltı

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