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Deli Bakkal - Salı Pazarı (Single)

November 20 - 2020

Second single  from Deli Bakkal.

The name Salı Pazarı literally means “Tuesday's Bazaar” in Turkish. In these weekly bazaars, which takes place every Tuesday, wide range of goods from vegatables to clothing are sold. The name of the song implies the variance of changing time signatures and overall harmonic rhythm of the song. Salı Pazarı reflects folk influences with regards to the rhythmic flow inspired by Turkey’s Black Sea region’s traditional dances. Also the blending sounds of guitar, soprano sax and tenor sax in the melody, depict a pastoral landscape.


Written by Mehmet Korkmaz
Produced by Deli Bakkal
Mix: Özgün Tuncer
Mastering: Güven Ersoysal
Recording Engineers: Adham Farid, Kıvılcım Konca, Barış Yalaz

Recording Musicians:

Tenor/Soprano Saxophone: Özgün Tuncer
Keyboard: Yigit Tornacı
Electric Guitar: Mehmet Korkmaz
Bass: Dogancan Vural
Drums: Erdem Göymen
Percussions: Barıs Yalaz

Studio: MIAM Studios & Babajim Recording Studios 


Special thanks to; Can Karadogan, Till Menzer, Emrecan Agtas, Günes Akyürek.

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