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Deli Bakkal - Cebelitarık (Single)

Februrary 5 - 2021

Third single  from Deli Bakkal.

Cebelitarık,  Jabal Tariq, Gibraltar, is the gateway to the new. You have to go through it to discover new possibilities. It is about exploration; a musical journey from Anatolia to Africa. It celebrates unity, with cheerful sounds of horns, marching drums with colorful textures of hammond and guitar.


Written by Till Menzer & Mehmet Korkmaz
Produced by Deli Bakkal

Mix: Kıvılcım Konca
Mastering: Eray Polat
Recording Engineers: Adham Farid, Kıvılcım Konca, Barıs Yalaz
Artwork: Emrecan Agtas

Recording Musicians:

Tenor Saxophone: Özgün Tuncer
Alto/French Horn & Trumpet: Kıvılcım Konca
Hammond: Furkan Yiğit Tornacı
Electric Guitar: Mehmet Korkmaz
Bass: Doğancan Vural
Drums: Erdem Göymen


Studio: MIAM Studios & Bostancı Vintage Live


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