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Dagtas_Bu Kez


Bu Kez

April 09 - 2021

Bu Kez (This Time), which is the debut of Dağtaş, brings a modern interpretation to the folk song style by combining the local melodies in it with baglama and electronic percussive sounds. The lyrics of the song are based on feelings of hope and rebirth. In this piece, Dağtaş salutes today's Western music without compromising his ethnic identity.

About Dagtas:

Turkish musician Dağtaş, who blends local melodies and acoustic instruments with electronic sounds in his music, first composed compositions in English alternative and indie rock styles with his project Golden Horn, which was active between 2013 and 2016. In 2014, he released his debut album called 'Lucid', which is recorded live in nature.

He completed his master's degree in Sonic Arts at Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Studies in Music. He worked on sound art and production. He sought to synthesize the sounds of the geography he lived in within the changing world music.

During his graduate studies, he started a music project called Yolcu (in art-pop and electronica styles) with British musician Joe Conchie. Yolcu released a 3-song EP named 'In Stream' in November 2020 and continues to produce music. He published a single titled 'All Good' with Çagan Tunalı in January 2021. He also accompanies Turkish jazz band Deli Bakkal in their live performances and continues composing with the band.

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