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Ali Gem - Bu Senin Son Hedefin (Single)


February 19 - 2021

Second single from Ali Gem

Written and Composed by Ali Gem

Uncanny, direct and simple… Ali Gem's second single "Bu Senin Son Hedefin" (This Is Your Last Goal) evokes a claustrophobic resonance. In this dopamine deficiency circus created by social pressure, feeling of being trapped and economic effects, the sincere voice of loneliness is presented to the audience with the minimalist lo-fi rock sound. With this new music video of Ali Gem, it will take place on digital platforms on February 19, 2021.


Mix: Salih Topuz, Ozan Çam
Mastering: Salih Topuz
Recording Engineer: Güneş Akyürek
Produced By: Ali Cem Öztürk, Güneş Akyürek
Cover Photo: Arda Daşdemir
Cover Design: Günes Akyürek

Recording Musicians: 
Ali Cem Öztürk: Vocals, Electric Guitar

Anıl Dag: Drums

Görkem Öztürk: Electric Guitar
Ozan Çam: Electric Bass Guitar

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