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Şevket Akıncı - Dünyada Saat Kaç (LP)

November 19 - 2021

Dünyada Saat Kaç?(What’s The Time On Earth? - the title being inspired by the Turkish poet İlhan Berk) is probably, guitarist and composer Şevket Akıncı’s most “impressionistic” album to date, where the pieces deal with colours and textures as much as harmony and rhythm. The album -produced by Mehmet Korkmaz and recorded almost entirely at his home- might also be considered as a pandemic diary where dreams of open landscapes intertwined with nostalgia, despair and hope all at once, where opposites meet such as ambient sounds with dry funk, melodic structures with abstractions.


Many of his old collaborators participated in its making such as drummers Cem Aksel, Özün Usta and Berke Özgümüş, singers  Ruşen Alkar, Göksu Hazal Subaşı, Deniz Akıncı, Selin Baycan and Bidar, synth programmer Barkın Engin, saxophone player Özgün Tuncer and trumpet player Kıvılcım Konca. All other instruments were played by Şevket Akıncı and Mehmet Korkmaz who designed the album’s sound and mixed it. “Dünyada Saat Kaç?” can also be comprehended as a musical summary of Şevket Akıncı’s musical endeavors for the last 20 years.

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